A water main break in downtown Springfield sparked an explosion early Wednesday morning.

Several windows were blown out and basements were flooded on Bridge Street.

Crews have been hard at work for the past ten hours, and there is still a long way to go.

A water main break on Chestnut and Main Street causes an explosion on Bridge Street right around 6:30 this morning. "Because of the water main break, the water cascaded into one of the manholes from the electric company and they have a lot of switches and wiring down there," said Dennis Leger, Executive Aide to the Springfield Fire Commissioner.

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Among the businesses impacted by the blast is the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. "It was absolutely surprising. The explosion was almost directly in front of our front door," said Sara Talcott with the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. It’s a busy time of year for the local non-profit, and not having a facility to conduct business is challenging.

The organization told Western Mass News that they do not know if there is any damage to their building. "We have 19 full-time employees at the foundation at this time. That meant everybody had to work remotely today. There are some connectivity issues so it really does slow us down," Talcott added. Fire crews stayed on scene for several hours to assist with elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Bridge Street building.

The building was vented as repair crews continued their work.

Meanwhile, Eversource also had crews on scene throughout the day. "Besides rerouting the power which we did, so we could switch around where the damage was so none of the customers lost power. It has to be made safe that our workers can actually go down and start assessing whats the damage and whats it going to take to repair," said Eversource Spokesperson, Priscilla Ress. Thankfully, no one was outside this morning when it all happened, and no one was hurt.

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