The Chicopee Police Department is warning the public about an aggressive panhandler.

His name is Jeremy Wood and he's 45-years-old and lives in Chicopee.

"This person has been arrested by us 3 times in the past week..." explained Officer Mike Wilk.

He says there's been an application for a criminal complaint for panhandling that has been sent to the court.

Wilk reports the 3 different incidents he was arrested on occurred on May 10, May 14, and May 15. He's facing charges including Disorderly Conduct, Aggressive Panhandling, and also Possession of a Class B Drug.

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"We are posting this to let people who drive through, or live in, the Chicopee Center area to be aware. PLEASE, do not give this party any money," Wilk notes.

Police say he approaches people on foot, as well as in their cars, and is extremely aggressive.

The Chicopee Police Department adding this:

"We understand that people do need assistance, and can be down on their luck. However, this behavior, which puts others in fear, and caused chaos, is not acceptable."

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