There’s two types of people in this world, those who hear Laurel and those who hear Yanni.

What did the ears of those in the Pioneer Valley pick up? Western Mass News had to find out!

Following the great dress debate a couple years ago .. remember is it blue or is it gold? Now the latest question spurred by social media tests our sense of hearing.

Is it laurel or is it yanny (yawny)? Western Mass News reporter Taylor Jacobs sampled some opinions locally. Click on the Video to find out what he discovered people were hearing!

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Now ... it’s time to put your ears to the test! Stop what you’re doing, and listen closely. Then, choose one of two options, Laurel or Yanny. Are you ready? Ok, let’s go! CLICK HERE --->

But why are people hearing something different you ask?

Doctors point to a variety of reasons instead of just one, citing differing decibel levels, a person’s age and even hearing loss can contribute to the sounds we hear.Do you have an answer to this great debate? Let us know! Just head to the 'Western Mass News' Facebook page and cast your vote!

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