Throughout New England, people are dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's storm.

Connecticut took the brunt of it so crews from the Bay State are doing what they can to help.

About 100 crews from Eversource in Massachusetts are in Connecticut helping with that storm cleanup, high winds leaving thousands of people without power.

Thousands of people in Connecticut will be without power for days, as National Weather Service officials work to confirm whether any tornadoes touched down Tuesday afternoon.

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Trees and electrical wires knocked down.

The storms blamed for two deaths in the state and tens of thousands of power outages.

"They really took the brunt of this storm," Priscilla Ress with Eversource explained to Western Mass News.

Now, Eversource in Massachusetts has crews in Connecticut helping with clean-up.

"We are a company of 8,000. What happens is because we have so many resources, we have so many employees, that we can pull them together and act as one when there are these kinds of severe storms that cause such significant damage,"Priscilla explained.

Eversource sent 30 of its western Massachusetts employees to Connecticut.

"About 30 of our line workers, supervisors, damage assessors," Priscilla told us.

Here in the Bay State, there have been few reports of damage. While we did see some scattered power outages, but nothing comparable to what's going on just south of us.

"We have to be in the clear before we would go and send any of our crews off and out of our service territory," noted Priscilla.

As for the American Red Cross, a spokesperson tells Western Mass News they have not been asked to support any clean up efforts in Connecticut, but it's not yet clear if that could change.

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