All over the Northeast, people are dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday’s storm.

Homeowners in Connecticut took the brunt of it, but next time it could be western Massachusetts.

The good news about yesterday’s storm is that that type of weather, while severe, is covered by homeowner’s insurance, but there are some other things to look out for. While Massachusetts seemed to luck out in Tuesday’s storm, escaping extensive damage and prolonged power outages as parts of Connecticut were devastated. Joe Leahy, President of Leahy and Brown Insurance and Realty told Western Mass News the dangers of wind are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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“If you lose shingles off your roof, that’s covered. A tree lands on your house, that’s covered," said Leahy. That is, if it was your tree.

“We run into this occasionally where your neighbor’s tree comes down and hits your house you would respond to his company and say you gotta fix my house, that’s not the case. The only way that would be covered by his company is if you could prove negligence," Leahy explained. To do that you’d need to provide documented proof that you’ve formally asked your neighbor to take the tree down, trim its branches.

So, if there is a tree you’re worried about, it’s best to be proactive. “Given that it was a freak storm and the tree was healthy and it came down, it would be difficult to prove negligence,” Leahy noted. While Leahy said homes are mostly protected in wind storms, there is one more thing you can do to make sure you are fully covered by getting flood insurance. “If you’re not in a high-risk flood zone, it can be really economical. The cost can be minor, less than what you pay for a homeowner’s policy. It's worth it," Leahy continued. With Tuesday's storm we didn’t see too much flooding, it was mostly just wind, but storms always remind us it’s best to be prepared.

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