In Hampshire County, the driving rain and gusty wind have caused power outages affecting hundreds across the area.

If you stepped outside today, it felt more like winter than spring.

This as one local business responds to basement flooding, thanks to this perfect recipe of snow and rain.

Driving rains and whipping winds - Old Man Winter is lingering well into spring in western Massachusetts.

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Today in Belchertown, a tree fell onto power lines on Route 202 near Allen Drive, which caused outages for a period of time.

Those winds, combined with the heavy snow from Sunday night's storm, meant the perfect recipe for flooded basements.

Dan Brookes of 24 Restore told Western Mass News that their phones have been ringing.

"With the snow, we got today and the ground thawing, there is a lot of water running under the ground," Brookes explained.

The last thing that you want is for water to get into your home, so Brookes recommends:

Make sure your gutters are clear of debris Purchase a sump pump Check that the pump works Purchase gutter extenders

"It's a very small investment to protect a large loss that could happen within you house," Brookes noted.

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Brookes said that if your basement is prone to flooding to invest in plastic bins, he said "go down, get stuff off the floor, or have things in plastic totes...anything of value."

As Monday was Patriots Day, many offices are closed, which Brookes thinks will lead to some possibly nasty flooding discoveries and an even busier day for 24 Restore.

"Tomorrow morning could be somewhat interesting with folks who had something bad today," Brookes noted.

Brookes does recommend that if your basement or home has any flooding to give a call to your insurance representative. They will be able to walk you through if the damage is a covered or non-covered loss.

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