Tens of thousands of runners are crossing the finish line at the 122nd Boston Marathon.

It's an emotional day in Boston.

"God, I'm so glad I'm done," said Gerardo Hernandez from Kansas City, MO, who ran in this year's marathon.

It was a day made even more emotional by the weather.

Runners braved downpours for most of the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton all the way to downtown Boston.

"The experience was great. The weather was terrible. Anytime we thought we'd catch a break, it hit us even harder - the wind, the rain," Hernandez added.

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Runners, like Hernandez, trained and prepared for any kind of weather.

"He's coming right through," said Mark Eiler, whose son ran in Monday's marathon.

We caught up with Eiler, in town from Bucks County, PA to cheer on his 32-year-old son, Ryan.

With 17 marathons under his belt, Eiler gave his son some advice about the unfavorable weather.

"I said everybody's in the same ball game today, weather-wise. I said don't worry about your time, just enjoy the atmosphere, the ambiance of Boston, the nostalgia, the history behind this race here," Eiler added.

This Marathon Monday marks five years since the 2013 attacks, which left four people dead and led to an increased police presence in Boston and along the race route.

While security may have been on the minds of many, runners seemed more concerned with both finishing the race and putting on some dry clothing.

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