A local equestrian is asking drivers to share the road.

As the spring weather warms up, some riders are looking to take their horses onto city streets. Saddled up, Jose Rubero headed out on Boston Road in Springfield with his faithful friend Cancionero. People have been spotting horses and riders in downtown Springfield trotting in traffic.

While it is not the most common form of transportation, Rubero said it's perfectly legal. "In a city like Springfield, 90 percent of the people are going to slowdown because all of a sudden they see a horse, it’s a big animal," Rubero noted. Western Mass News brought you a story earlier this month after some folks questioned if riding in city streets was safe for the animal.

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"There was a lot of individuals riding and they were riding in the middle of the road. That’s legal, but we actually urge them to ride just like the bicycles, community friendly to the side of the road single file, so people can go around them at a moderate speed as they go by," Rubero explained. He said that whenever he is on, his horse safety is top priority. "I understand people being concerned for the safety of the horse, so are we. Most of the riders that are going to take the risk to ride in the street already have horses that can handle the traffic and the noise from the people and all that," said Rubero. The laws are pretty simple for riders since the rules of the road are the same, whether you’re driving a car or riding a horse.

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